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This is a listing, for the time being incomplete of dissertations, PhD theses, and monographs on political and social elites and ruling classes in Brazil. Priority was given to work available online.

The material is organized into five large subjects (1. Processes of recruitment and social itineraries (social origin and career patterns); 2. Elites, political action, and decision-making processes (state and government); 3. Elites, elections, political parties and social movements; 4. Elites, political performance and democratic quality; 5. Social values and political ideologies of elite groups), and, among them, are listed by types of elites: a. bureaucratic elites, b. parliamentary and party elites, c. judicial elites, d. intellectual elites, e. social elites, and others.

The list is indexed by surname of author in ascending alphabetical order. Click the menu to access the files.

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Page last updated on 23 June 2012